XOR 100

XOR 100 is a quarterly social media report tracking the social media performance of 100 Indian startups in every quarter.

How is the data tracked?

We have used our own in-house tools to track the social media performance of over 100 startups by calculating 20 social media parameters across 4 social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube.

Who should read this report?

The report is for startup founders, marketing managers, marketing enthusiasts, and all those who are planning to create a social media marketing plan for their startup.

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The marketing approach of a food delivery is certainly different from that of an ecommerce or a sexual wellness startup. The audience is different; the target age might be different; and consequently, the social media channels are different too.

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Thatai??i??s why we have segmented the startups in categories to discover who is leading in each segment.

Horizontal Ecommerce

Hyperlocal Ecommerce/Grocery

Fintech, Finance & Payment

Education and Edutech

Fashion and Lifestyle

Healthcare & Fitness

Hotel and Travel

Online classified ads


Sexual Wellness

Food Delivery

Real Estate

Home Furnishing and Decor

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