Which Social Media Channel Companies Prefer: As Revealed in Pro Kabaddi Season 4

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The data and insights shared in this blog post are taken from our analysis of social media campaigns of 40 advertisers and sponsors from Pro-Kabbadi League. You can also download the full-report for FREE.

Which social media platform should my company be most active on? It is one of the most intriguing social media questions.

Social media marketers have varied opinion on this. And so has web. Although marketers have some general consensus; for instance, use LinkedIn for B2B and Facebook for B2C, the behaviour of brands on social media reveal something else.

In India, where like everything else the social media preferences are still diverse, choosing and focusing on the right social media channel can be the difference between growth and stagnation.

Insights from our social media reports suggest how Indian companies are using social media. Which social media platforms they use? What is the content share of each platform?

Most preferred social media channel

Facebook is still the favourite for Indian brands with 97.29% of them using it. Twitter is the second favourite with 62.16% of brands having a profile on the platform.

Witht the rise of the internet speed in India, YouTube is also gaining traction. 24.32% brands have created their YouTube channels to roll out video content.

social media channel companies prefer

Content share of each platform

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Among all the channels, companies shared 59.6% (2076 of 3486 posts) of the content on Twitter followed by Facebook where 36.2% (1261 of 3486 posts) of all the posts were submitted. The high use of Twitter is because of two reasons. Firstly, retweeting makes it easier for companies to share new content regularly. Plus, many brands including SBI and Bajaj are using Twitter as customer care platform.

YouTube has a share of 0.2% (89 of 3486 posts) of the total content. Although almost half of the video content was shared on Facebook, the small percentage shows how companies are still not focusing on creating video content.

Meanwhile, if Google is the most popular search engine, Google+ is the extraordinarily unpopular social media channel with approximately 0% of content share.

social media content share

At the same time, it is really interesting to note how companies are using video content. Surprisingly, Indian brands are using Facebook as much as YouTube to post video content.

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