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Why you need a content strategist

And you ask, ai???Who needs a content strategist?ai???

Well, every single organization who needs to connect with people. NGOs and government agencies qualifies too.

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Author: Manjeet Kakkar

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The unusual success story of Patanjali, Baba Ramdev, and Yoga : Part 3

This article is the third part in the series of four articles which tells the success story of one of India’s biggest brand. It’s our way of celebrating the 2nd […]

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Author: Karanveer Singh

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Online marketing: Investment or Expenditure?

A few days back, whilediscussing the marketing strategy for a startup, the client said “…this marketing strategy is good, but I can’t spend on it as I have other expenditures.”This […]

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Author: Nitan Jain

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How startups can make a positive online impression?

In the online realm, where you are competing directly and indirectly with so many competitors, you have to find a smart way to show up. Probably, you are competing against […]

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Author: Shavi Pathania

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What a startup can learn about branding from Coke?

It was 2003 when I first heard the word “Coca-Cola” on a television advertisement. To be precise, it was an ad-campaign dutasteride for sale, dutasteride for sale, dutasteride for sale, […]

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Author: Nitan Jain