IPL 2017: Cashtainment for Brands on Social Media

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Indian Premiere League or as we know it IPL kicked off with Manoranjan Ka Baap in 2008 and saw many ups and downs before 10 Saal Apke Naam in 2017. But brands did not lose their cool and traveled the journey like a true partner.

From Season-1 onwards, brands came up with creative campaigns and went back with pockets full (except for some). The story this year was almost similar. While some rose to fame, others returned empty handed.

In this blog post, you will get to know the analysis of social media performance of some of these campaigns/ideas through backed by the data from Vaizle.comA�and insights from report on IPL-2017. By the end we shall learn the major outcomes from these campaigns.

Mobile Handset Makers

This is the category which spent the most during IPL-2017. Vivo, Gionee and Motorola all played the game of cricket with different strategies but same selling point. Where Gionee and Motorola Sponsored #KKR and #RPS respectively, Vivo grabbed the title sponsorship of IPL.

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The crowned king Title Sponsor of IPL-2017 came out with #VivoV5s’ 20-MP Moon Light Camera campaign focused on the selfie camera. The Chinese maker tapped the audience well and gathered 6471 engagements per activity on an average.


Like its other counterparts went a step ahead with Selfiestan campaign. This campaign was built around #GioneeA1 smartphone. Gionee surpassed the title sponsor of IPL with a total of 16054 engagements per activity on an average, and proved that the quality of content matters more than the quantity.


Official sponsor of RPS did not fall behind and came up with #MotoG5Plus’ #DifferenceCapturesBetter and #DifferenceShootsBetter campaigns but these too projecting mobile’s photo and video capturing capabilities. According to our stats, this gimmick by Lenovo’s Motorola fetched an average of 1130 engagements per activity (least in the category).

So all in all the mobile handset makers took different routes of sponsoring the game of cricket but ended up fighting for market share of mobiles with better camera.


The heated battle in Telecom industry with the entry of Jio did not even spare the cricket stadium. It was 10th Anniversary for Vodafone and Jio wanted to make its IPL debut big, whereas Idea took side-track by sponsoring KXIP and chose to opt out of on screen promotion.


The Presenting Sponsor of IPL came up with cute elderly couple celebrating their #SecondHoneymoon in #MakeMostOfNow campaign. This campaign basically flaunted the network reach and 4G capabilities of the telecom giant.

Vodafone also celebrated its 10 years of IPL with campaigns like Celebrating 10 years of run outs, Celebrating 10 years of boundaries with the funniest characters of the Decade Zoozoos

Creativity worked very well for Vodafone and on an average it grabbed 19936 engagements on its activities.


Young enthusiast debutant entered the cricket ground with sponsoring 6 out of 8 teams (KXIP being sponsored by Idea and MI was sponsored by Jio Money). This was a big leap as a debutant and especially when you are up against the incumbents.

Jio gathered all the players from various sponsored teams and showed regional cultures trying to connect with commons in #JioDhanDhanaDhan campaign.

Things worked well for Jio and it was not behind Vodafone with 18542 engagements per activity on an average.


Ek idea jo badal de apki duniya‘ was not enough to turn the world for Idea itself. The Aditya Birla Group owned Cellular giant chose to keep its distance from the heated battle.

Idea did not even participate in on screen real time ads and left that field empty for Jio and Vodafone.

This stunt was proved unwise when Idea could manage meagre 3980 engagements per activity on an average. This figure was 77% lower than the average engagements per activity of whole Telecom Sector combined.

Online Brands

Online brands focused more on creativity for connecting with their customers. Amazon tapped tier 2 and tier 3 cities with #ChonkpurCheetahs. Make My Trip projected their excellent customer services, #MMTAssuredHotels and cheap international hotels with #MMTInternational.


India ke sapno ki apni dukaan A�penetrated sub-urban and rural audience riding with its position of Presenting Sponsor of IPL 2017 and using the available ad slot very wisely.

Putting up Amazon Great Indian Sale during IPL and flooding social media with #BadiBachat helped the e-commerce big show rule the party.

The most unique part in Amazon’s campaign was the synergy of campaign with the IPL, they could have roped in big names (just like other brands), but they kept the essence of IPL alive with their team Chonkpur Cheetahs.

37959 engagements per activity on an average was what Amazon gathered during IPL Season 10, this was third highest for any brand sponsoring in IPL.

Make My Trip

One brand which posted fewer than 100 times and grabbed more than 100k engagements per activity on an average was Make My Trip. It topped the engagements per activity chart with an average of 323k engagements per activity.

The Couple of Pinky and Happy (Alia and Ranveer) did the job for the online travel startup and connected with audience creating real life problems/situations faced by frequent travellers.

Regionalism & IPL

The very foundation of IPL was based on Regionalism: Punjabis, Bengalis ,Tamilians, etc. and this year again some brands tried to portray this linguism and regionalism (not actually dividing but uniting people of India by connecting with them in their language and tradition).


Polycab started off with a bunch of ads in local languages like Bengali Marathi, Punjabi, etc. and running them live on SPN Network. At first it took audience by surprise and they took their time in understanding what is it all about and then people started connecting with the ads.

But just three weeks into the tournament Polycab stopped its activity on social media channels. With just 54 posts during IPL 2017, the brand could only manage 262 engagements per activity on an average and this inconsistency might be the major reason for the downfall.

Vimal Pan Masala and Jio were other two brands who picturised regionalism, all but one could pull out the results and made its debut season grand and that was Jio.

Intimate Partner League by Manforce

For 10 years we have known IPL as Indian Premier League, but one brand turned it into Intimate Partner League. Where sex and sexual wellness are treated as taboo and brands hesitate on putting up content online, this brand took the charge and set an example.

Average engagements per activity for Manforce was 660 for 118 posts during this season was considerably low, but great success starts with small steps.

Creatives like It’s better after Sun Sets and Extrasssss but ye dil mange moreA�were more than enough to prove that it’s high time now. Sexual Wellness brands and startups shall leave their hesitation behind, it’s not too late. With IPL gone, PKL is the second best opportunity for them.

Key Takeaways

Since there were many experiments conducted in IPL Season 10, but two thing which were common amongst all who gained were consistency and synergy of campaigns with the game.

Take Amazon, Vodafone for example, both of them had both these characteristics in common, while Jio, Make My Trip, Vivo, Gionee were all consistent. On the other hand, Polycab’s inconsistency costed it a fortune.

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