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Our approach comes from an obersevation we made in the Taj Mahal

Who doesn’t know about the Taj Mahal, Shah Jahan and his irrevocable love for Mumtaz? But very few of you would know or even questioned how such epitome of human creativity was ever materialized. Well, Shah Jahan didn’t do it. And why should he?

Shah Jahan was the client.

So, how did it come about? What basic thought process made the Taj Mahal exceptional?

Taj Mahal is an amalgam of the 4 best parts of the monuments already built.

Pillars from Jahangir’s mausoleum
Corner turrets from Humayun’s tomb
Portals from Akbar’s tomb
Tomb from the mausoleum of a famous ancestor

...and which brings us to the term we coined,

The Taj Effect.

The Taj Effect is the idea of creating a marvel in any work by taking the best parts – either in existence or a new creation – and combining them in perfect harmony.

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How do we implement The Taj Effect in our services?


The first step is to know the ins-and-outs of your business.

The focus during the audit is to find what is going wrong and what is not going at all. Once completed, we will have identified the problems and opportunities in your business.


The idea of selection is to choose the best – just in the way the architects of Taj did.

The best solutions and the best opportunities unveiled during audit will be selected that suits the playfield of your business.


Not everything is available before hand.

Our creation process is designed to complement the selection step. We create the best part – that is, a new portion of your business monument which didn’t exist before.


The third part is an art.

the art of leveraging each of the best part, bringing those best parts together and uniting them in perfect harmony.

Would you like to know who crafted the idea of The Taj Effect?

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