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A Quantitative Digital Marketing Analysis of IPL advertisers – Mid-IPL Sesaon 9 Report

Despite Chennai Superkings, the most followed IPL franchise, and Rajasthan Royals exit, which seemed to hurt IPL as an advertising platform, IPL season 9 has not lost its charm for marketers.

Sony is expecting Rs. 1200 crore revenue from advertisers. It also increased the number of presenting sponsors to 3 from 2–the three presenting sponsors being Vodafone, Amazon, and Oppo, the first-time IPL advertiser. Almost 70% of ad-inventory was sold before 2-months from IPL kick-off.

This mid-IPL season 9 report tells how the first 20 days of IPL have been for marketers and how well the brands are executing their digital marketing campaigns. But most importantly, it tells what they can do in the second half of the tournament to make the most of it.

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