YouTube vs Facebook: The use of video content during Pro Kabaddi Season 4

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The data and insights shared in this blog post are taken from our analysis of social media campaigns of 40 advertisers and sponsors from Pro-Kabbadi League. You can also download the full-report for FREE.

There’s already a rising buzz in the market that video is the new ingredient of content marketing. The internet is replete with articles with headlines saying The Future of Content Marketing is Online Video.

The buzz is not baseless. A Cisco whitepaper suggests that the internet video to TV ratio increased by 50 percent. It also predicts that consumer internet video traffic will go from 64 percent in 2014 to surpass 80 percent by 2019.

How are Indian companies reacting to these developments? Are they taking video content seriously?

Our social media report on Pro Kabbadi Season 4 reveals some insights into which platform–YouTube or Facebook–Indian companies preferred to launch video content.

The most used video platform during PKL Season 4

Despite the dominance of YouTube in video sphere, it was striking to find that Indian brands posted more video content on Facebook than on YouTube.

While 99 videos were shared throughout the tournament, YouTube saw only 89 downloads’far cry from a modest figure considering YouTube being the hot bed of video content.

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At the same time, it was also surprising to find more companies active on Facebook rather than on YouTube when publishing video content. Facebook saw 15 brands active in publishing video content while YouTube had only 9.

YouTube is being dominated by big names. The 89 YouTube videos came from only 9 companies. The top 4 brands created 82% of the content, while on Facebook 15 companies made 99 videos and the top 4 created only 55.4%.

Who created video content and how much

It’s not counter-intuitive to see brands like Gionee, Amazon, Airtel, SBI, Nestle Munch, and Big Bazaar investing in video content. It was also good to find Havmor and Ibis being sponsors and video content creators at the same time.

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Another Indian brand, Bajaj Electricals, is touching the hearts of Indian audience with its video content. While their ads are coming up with a humanistic touch, their social media video content is covering unique highlights of the game.

Bajaj Electricals sponsored the Top Scorer of the Day section of PKL and would post those moments on social media.

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