What a startup can learn about branding from Coke?

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It was 2003 when I first heard the word “Coca-Cola” on a television advertisement. To be precise, it was an ad-campaign Thanda matlab Coca-Cola canadian rx propecia product. featuring Amir Khan. It deeply affected me then. As a kid, I would grab a bottle whenever I was allowed to.

I don t know what it was. Maybe, it was Amir s cool Dil Chahta Hai A�look or the product tagline or Coca-Cola itself. Nonetheless, I was in love with this product.

This campaign was an instant hit on Indian television as were its other worldwide promotions. Like a 10 years old kid, everyone did like this product. After all, with brand equity of nearly $81 Billion as of 2014, Coke is the second most recognized word on the planet after the word Ok .

But the question is how coke managed to do this and what we, as an entrepreneur, can learn about branding our startup.


1. Brand experiences

This is the part where coke excelled. Unlike its competitors, coke was able to define the experiences its brand evokes. And the experiences it defined were happiness & optimism

Coke conveyed these experiences in almost all of their ad campaign. Its tagline “Open with Happiness” is based on this brand experience. Whenever the consumer buys coke product, he will recall his past experiences of happiness or he can create new happiness moments by sharing the Coke.

So, as a startup you have to associate experiences with your products/services. An experience your customer ought to feel when using your product or service.


2. Brand integrity

Have you ever visited A�Coke’s website? Or seen its mission, vision, or the experiences it wants to evoke?

Coke didn’t expect all of you to visit it. That’s why it integrates product experiences in their ad campaigns. It helps the customers build an emotional bond with the product. It also helps Coke to maintain a uniform impression across all the marketing channels and platforms.


3. Brand consistency

Coke has been marketing its product for more than 100 years and yet it has been very consistent with the brand. It takes time and repetition to forge a lasting imprint in consumers consciousness.

Coke had maintained long-term dedication to its campaigns like “Thanda matlab Coca-Cola”, Have a Coke and a Smile and now “Open with Happiness”. Unlike its competitor Pepsi, Coke’s logo script is virtually unchanged since 1886.


4. Be creative

The growing digital world demands change. You can easily bore people with repeating the same thing in the same format. As a brand, you have to come up with some creative and new ideas to brand your product. From almost a century coke is doing it wonderfully by constantly creating creative ad campaigns like Happiness Truck, Machine, Plane chesp viagra overnight delivery. and Store.


5. Be dynamic

I mentioned earlier about Coke’s virtually unchanged logo script since 1886. But Coke has never been rigid. The brands have to be dynamic and explore new possible ways for branding.

As you may have noticed, most of the promotional videos of happiness campaign were active only on YouTube. Coke s always dynamic when it comes to branding their product, whether it is YouTube video marketing or their new Twitter call out online marketing.


There are many more things which an entrepreneur can learn from Coke about branding that can help to build the foundation of a strong startup. But don’t worry if you can’t do it as yourself, you can always hire a marketing enthusiast.