The unusual success story of Patanjali, Baba Ramdev, and Yoga : Part 2

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This article is the second part in the series of four articles which tells the success story of one of the largest Indian brand. It’s our way of celebrating the 2nd International Yoga Day. The second article tells you how Patanjali uses marketing in a straightforward but clever manner.You can also read the first and Dissertation the third part. buy nizagara tablets.

Story 2: The story of marketing

We don’t know markets or marketing . . . but what we know is serving the people by providing them high-quality products at attractive prices? says Acharya Balkrishna, Co-founder, Patanjali

One of Patanjali’s secretingredient of success is theapplication of modern marketing principles–something which many small and new businesses struggle at understanding.

The TV commercials’anyone with a good marketing budget can do it. They have even appointed advertising agencies–McCann and Mudr–for the next phase of growth.

But here’s an insider’s look into their marketing strategy.

1. A huge fan base

Before launching a full-fledged marketing campaign, Ramdev had already garnered people’s attention. His yoga asanas and daily yoga rituals were already followed by people. Even before launching the product, his followers trusted him.

For marketers, this is a valuable lesson. Instead of selling his products out rightly, he started out by teaching his audience and building relation with them. Telling is the new selling!

“People do not buy goods and service. They buy relations, stories, and magic.” – Seth Godin.

Companies need to educate people and then connect with them. It is a more subtle way to reach people and build a community around the central idea of your product. This not only helps you get customers but the turn them into promoters of your brand.

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2. Always in the news

Be it for the 2011 anti-corruption andolan or in support of Lokpal Bill, I haven’t seen a week passed by without Baba Ramdev’s buzz. This helps him gain brand visibility. There are some brands which are known by the face of their founders. Like Steve Job’s Apple and Richard Branson’s Virgin Group, Patanjali is identified with the face of its founder.

3. Content marketing

Yes, you heard it right! Content marketing. It’s the new marketing principle to educate your customers and Baba Ramdev and his team have been on the forefront.You must have heard of content marketing being applied online but Baba Ramdev has even practiced it on TV.

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After every Yoga session on TV, Acharya Balkrishna w0uldeducate people on the benefits of herbs and how they can treat various ailments and diseases. Having discussed all this, he then tells people about the products of Patanjali which contain them.

Even on the various online social media platform, Baba Ramdev’s posts are full of good content regarding Yoga and Ayurveda.

4. Smart Pricing policy

Since the production and promotion cost is less than what a new company in the business usually spends, it automatically lessens the product cost. Now who would not like to buy herbal natural products made in India which look expensive but don’t burn a hole in one’s pocket?

patanjali marketing - international yoga day
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5. Social Media

Wait! What!! When did he use it??

If you don’t know, Baba Ramdev has over 6.6 million likes on Facebook and 564 k followers on Twitter as of May 2016.

He utilizes digital platform very well to educate, inform and engage people with his content spreading awareness regarding the content and his brand . He interacts with his followers on Twitter and Facebook by organizing live chats and also uses it as a medium to invite and inform them about his camps, events, product announcement, and more.

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Just Google Toothpaste ofA�and see what search suggestions Google returns. Toothpaste of PatanjaliA�always make it into the top 3.And to top it all now they even have a very well built e-commerce site too.


Marketing would have been a tricky area to handle for a new Swadeshi company like Patanjali. But in India, Trust and Faith are still given more importance than science and logic making it easier for Baba Ramdev. Though Patanjali believes in traditional way of lifestyle ,it follows the modern techniques for marketing which is the vice versa of other Indian Brands.Using great content ,strong promotions and engaging the audience Patanjali has made a name of it’s own in the FMCG sector.