How Indian Startups are using Social Media: Insights from our 2nd report

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In the game, of poker everyone wants a straight flush. When the cards are distributed everyone looks for it. Isn’t it? Similar is the case with Indian startups. India is set to have 10,500 startups by the end of 2020 as per Nasscom. With a myriad of players in the game, chances of getting a straight flush are bleak.

In this nail-biting game, social media platforms are like face cards which nobody wants to miss. However, there are players who know exactly how to use these cards, while others are just trying their luck.

We have quantified social media efforts of Indian startups using our Vaizle in our new XOR 100 report for Q3 2016-17. Now after we are done with two rounds of analyses, it is worth comparing both in order to get a clearer picture of what actually is going on.

So let’s have a quick overview of the report:

Startups Analysed: 100

Categories: 13

FQ2: 1st July 2016 to 30th September 2016.

FQ3: 1st October 2016 to 31st December 2016.

Content Share motilium 90 tablets.

With increasing choice of social media platforms every day, choosing the perfect one is becoming difficult and more importantly when the major concern is engagement. Over two-quarters the choice of platforms by these startups did not change with 96 active on Facebook, 97 on Twitter, 38 on YouTube and 34 on Google+.

content share

What changed over the quarter was the favourable platform for sharing content, with the ease of usage and noting engagements Twitter hosted 56.3% of the total content by these startups in FQ3 as compared to 53.5% in FQ2, while the share of other platforms dipped in FQ3.

percentage of content share

Video Content Share

Though text and images are most widely used and contribute most to the content of any company/startup. It is video content which attracts most engagements convincing user to share/retweet, like or comment getting the highest ROI.

Facebook and YouTube are the most widely used platforms for video content sharing. 86 and 39 startups actively shared video content on Facebook and YouTube respectively. This number remained unchanged in both quarters.

video content share

The fight between Facebook and YouTube for supremacy in getting more video content onboard with live videos by Facebook and similar advances by YouTube lead to a heated battle. Both stood at close at 47.8 % and 52.2% in FQ2, whereas Facebook swept away the battle in FQ3 with 60.3% of video content onboard and leaving YouTube with just 39.7%.

Tweet Analysis

After analyzing video driven platforms it’s time to take a look at how things were on Twitter. 140 characters have the power to beat any viral content. One viral tweet can gather tons of retweets and likes in a matter of minutes. So underestimating the power of this Ace of Spades will be an act of foolishness.

We took certain keywords in our report such as valtrex otc. discounts, offers, sale, off, contest, deal categorized these among 3 categories, i.e. Discounts and Offers, Contest and Brand Recall, and analyzed the frequency of their usage by various startups and rank them accordingly.

discounts and offers

Discounts and offers related keywords

Demonetisation had an effect here. Tweets related to discounts and offers saw a rise of 138.67%. 2771 tweets were recorded in Q3 against 1161 in Q2. Probably this rise was to encourage customers for transacting and shopping online.

Keywords related to discounts and offers were widely used by horizontal e-commerce, fashion and lifestyle, online booking, and online payment startups over two-quarters. Paytm managed a spot in top three in both the quarters. Flipkart swept away the 1st spot in Q3 with 1672 tweets replacing Tata Cliq. Book My Show stood 3rd with 84 tweets in Q3.

discounts and offers related keywords

Contests related keywords

Contests after discounts and offers are usually most widely used to attract customers. This was true for Q2, where total contest related tweets were 1379. In Q3, a dip of 23.64% brought the figure to 1053.

Horizontal e-commerce, online booking, Travel and hotel marketplaces, and online payment startups used these keywords the most over two quarters. OYO was consistent with its contest related keywords in both quarters, while Flipkart was replaced by Book My Show which shared 217 keywords related to contest in’FQ3.

contests related keywords

Brand recall related keywords

1,986 brand recall related tweets were recorded in Q2. With a’rise of 41.29% this figure rose to 2806 in Q3.

Some of the startups understand the importance of this aspect and after FQ2 they came out with flying colours. While Koovs, Yepme and Freecharge held first, second, and third’positions in FQ2, it was Travel Triangle which made an entry to top three with the exit of Koovs in FQ3.

brand recall related keywords

This is not all. There are a lot of other parameters on which we analyzed these 100 startups to get most out of social media platforms.

To know more, you can read the full report XOR100 FQ3 for free and subscribe to our blog to keep updated with digital marketing trends, news, and insights.

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