A Guide to Facebook Ads (Part 2) – Awareness Stage Ads

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This article is the second part in the series of five articles on how to use Facebook ads. The second partAi??tells about using Facebook ads when your objective is brand awareness. Facebook brand awareness ads should be used when you are just launching your business, rolling out a new product feature, or promoting a new offer.

“Awareness without action is worthless”
-Phil Mcgraw

But aspiring for an action from your customer without awareness about your product or service will also be worthless.

Most of the Facebook ad campaigns die-hard because they fail to understand this. Thinking about conversion from Facebook ads on the very first day is impractical. Or at least not right for a long-term strategy.

At the end, you’re left with either of the two conclusions or both: Facebook ads are a sham or the agency you hired sucks.

Most of the times, that’s not the case. I’ll tell you why your Facebook ads do not lead to conversion.

Mostly, it’s because you forgot to tell about your product to your target audience. You probably tried selling them without taking the pain to aware them.

Whether it’s a 360-degree digital marketing campaign, an SEO strategy, a content marketing strategy or digital ads, a customer has to be taken through marketing and sales funnel before you pitch your product.

And in Facebook ads, awareness stage ads is the first stage in buyer’s journey.

The more targeted people you’re able to bring in at the first stage, the better your conversion rate will be.

Let’s see what Facebook brand awareness ads are and how do they work.

What are Facebook Brand Awareness Ads?

Facebook introduced brand awareness ads back in September 2015. The primary objective of these ads is to strengthen brand’s presence in the consumer’s mind.

Brand awareness ads help you to find out the audience, most likely to engage with your product.

The goal is to create an impression of your brand on prospects mind. It’s not about generating immediate sales. Ads perform more when repeated. If one looks at it, observes it, he goes for it.

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Thinking about awareness

However, awareness itself has a wide meaning.

Most Aware medical in urdu.
The user which you want to target knows about your product and only needs to know the deal.

Product Aware
When your target prospect knows what you sell, but isn’t sure if your product is right for her.

Solution Aware
When your target prospect knows the result he wants, but not that your product provides it.

Problem Aware
When your target prospect senses he has a problem but doesn’t know that there’s a solution.

Completely Aware
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Your marketing messages should target each type of customer differently.

For instance, you want to sell a laptop to two different buyers.

Buyer A is looking for a laptop.

Buyer B doesn’t keep up with technology and gadgets but wants an easy way to send emails and do web surfing on the go.

Both the customers are in different awareness stages.

Buyer A knows what he is looking for and is trying to find the best solution.He is product aware.

Buyer B needs assistance in defining her problem before it is ready to purchase a solution. She is problem aware.

Your marketing messages must be different for both of the customers.

How to create a brand awareness campaign?

Before you begin rolling out your awareness ad campaign you need to visit Facebook Power Editor.

Step 1: Visit Facebook Power Editor

Open the power editor tool. A drop-down menu will appear at the top of the page, click on it, and select the ad account.

Step 2: Create Ad Campaign

Click on “Create Campaign” located on the top left corner.

You have three tasks to perform here.

1. Enter a campaign name. However, try to make it relevant. You can create a naming scheme on your own. It will make it easier for you to organize and track when you are running hundreds of ads.

2. Press the objective button and choose your campaign’s goal. The Brand Awareness option is situated right at the top of the drop down menu.

3. Now, build a fresh Ad Set by hitting create.

Step 3: Budgeting & Targeting

When it comes to Budgeting, you can set a manual bid and set a particular frequency of the ads (the min. number of days between showing the ad to the same person)

The minimum frequency can be 1Ai??day and the maximum is 90 days.

On the other hand, you can select your target audience by location, language, gender, age, and interests.

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Pro-tip:Ai??For Facebook Awareness ads, you can only select from three ad placements: Mobile News Feed, Desktop News Feed or Instagram. Desktop Sidebar and Audience Network ad placement both are unavailable.

Step 4: Ads level

In this section, select create a new ad option. Name it and select a Facebook page.

You can either create an ad or use an existing post that’s already published on your page.

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As per Facebook guidelines- your text must not occupy 20% of space image.

You can also add a website URL. Once, you are satisfied with your campaign, click on the green button in the top right corner to confirm your changes and upload the campaign to your ad account.

Outline for a strong Facebook brand awareness campaign

Increasing brand awareness

It is the primary aim in the early months of small business life, or the business launching a new product when your company is pursuing to enter the local marketplace & gathering consumer attention.

Conveying strong messages

The message you send should not be vague. The more reasons you give the user to confuse your company message, more they make false assumptions about your brands and products. Communicating a clear, strong message offer consumers a solution to their problem that is easily understandable & memorable.

Grabs attention at the launch

Your advertisement must be eye catching, that, the customer doesn’t need to focus on it. It must immediately catch the attention of the prospect.

Creates a measurable difference

Prospect must able to measure the difference between your and your competitors ad. So that, he/she will be able to make a wise choice.

How we used Facebook awareness stage ads to drive 50% foot traffic for Bajirao Kitchen

A few months back we came up with an unusual challenge. To drive foot-traffic for one of our new clients: Bajirao Kitchen.

They were opening its first outlet and wanted to bring customers using Facebook ads.

Since the outlet was new, the campaign must begin with awareness ads. We were expecting to reach around 200,000 people in a span of 7 days.

Instead of focusing totally on ads, we clubbed our ads with enticing offers to engage audience.

bajirao ktichen offers

We came up with offers to lure customers in. For instance, #GirlGang, where if a group of 4 or more girls visited the outlet they would get one free meal. Or #FoodPuzzles, where we created GIFs based puzzles and asked people to answer it. Lucky winners received a free meal at the time of their choice in the next 2 days.

Our marketing messages also focused on promoting crucial aspects of the brand. For instance, all the meals were at a fixed price of Rs. 59 or Rs. 79, and we made sure our creatives conveyed that.

bajirao kitchen facebook ad campaign

We also clubbed the brand awareness ads with Store Visit ad feature about which you will learn in part 4.

Pro-tip: The content of your ads are as important as the ad type itself. Your ads will not work well without a good content.

By doing this, we not only brought people at the threshold of the store, but also engaged them with the brand.

The content was appreciated by the audience leading to a total reach of 200,000 in 7 days. Most importantly, over 50% customers came to store from Facebook.


Facebook brand awareness ads are your best friend if you have just launched your business. It will help you bring people into the funnel and set the stage for next steps in buyer journey.

Once you have implemented brand awareness ads, you can now send your audience to your website, make them install your apps, engage with your brand, and generate leads directly from Facebook.

And this will be the topic of our discussion in the part three.

I hope you were able to follow the topic well. If you have any questions or want to add something, please comment down below and I will be really happy to answer it.