7 best content marketing quotes from experts that will make you serious about content

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Content marketing has changed the way we engaged with marketing. Whiletraditional marketing focuses on selling, content marketing is about telling. All the companies, big or small, established or startup, are doing it.

Compared with traditional marketing, content marketing is less expensive. 91% of B2B marketers and86% of B2C marketers are using content marketing.But even then, most startups, especially in India, have not been unable to identify, let alone deploy, the power of content.

Here are the words thatexperts have used about content. We hope it gets you serious about your company’s content.

1. Rebecca Lieb, Analyst and strategic advisor on digital advertising, media & content

rebecca lieb content

What Rebecca wants to say is very clear. If you abstain from content, you are not creating the foundations of your digital marketing. Your digital marketing campaigns cannot be carried out without content.

2. Andrew Davis, Best-selling author and marketing speaker

andrew davis content

Andrew tells how content works for you. In fact, this is the new marketing principle. Sale does not precede relationship anymore. This is the new marketing era where relationship precedes sale. For lasting relationships, you need content.

3. David Ogilvy, The father of advertising

david oglivy father of advertising

Ogilvy is widely known for his advertising prowess. But if you look closely, he offers one of the best, ever-lasting secrets of successful content. Ogilvy tells how important it is to send the right message to your targeted audience.

4.A�Chairman of Husk Foods

chris baggot email and content

While there are those who haven’t yet started, people are pouncing on anything that can be a useful content. Chris’ point is not just to use your email as content but anything within your organization that can provide value to your customers.

5. Content marketing strategist

wellbutrin buying with “master card”
robert rose content marketing

Content marketing is primarily important because it establishes you as the authority in your niche. People will buy from you because they see you as an expert. This what what Robert tries to tell here.

6. Tech blogger and social media strategist

jason miller content marketing

What can be directly inferred from Jason’s words is that content has to relevant. But flip it a little and it says something even more important. To send relevance and useful information to your audience, you need content–relevant content.

7.A�Digital marketing analyst

brian solis social media marketing

No, no, no! This is not an error. Brian is talking about one of the most important aspect of content marketing–content amplification, the channels through which you will market your content. This one is our favorite.Brian says that by understanding your audience, you can exploit the power of content and social media.